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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Faster, higher, sexier: women in sport

Sportswomen in the media - as rare as unicorns*

Sports writers Phil Rothfield and Darren Hadland, in a ‘lighthearted review of the year’s sports highlights’, today declared Black Caviar, a horse, as ‘Sportswoman of the Year’.
Their 'Sportsman of the Year' is the Australian cricket captain, Michael Clarke.
In response to outrage on social media, Rothfield pointed out that Black Caviar is a girl and implied that the piece was funny.  Unfortunately, as Wendy Harmer has so effectively pointed out, this is wrong.  He is possibly wondering why so many are so angry.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Buying a book: How hard can it be?

Books as things no longer?*
The news this week that ebooks purchased from Barnes & Noble will self-destruct upon the expiry of the purchaser’s credit card, again raises the question of what exactly is an e-thing, and what are we buying.
I’ve written before about the nature of virtual goods at law, and whether they constitute property or not.  The issue here is related.